Looking Back At Purushottam ...

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         To begin with, there was no incidence as such which led to the creation of 'Purushottam', the one act play competition. The secretary of Maharashtra Kalopasak at that time, Mr. Purushottam Ramchandra also called Appasaheb Vaze, expired on 1st August 1962 A.D.. Before he expired there was an idea to organize an event call 'Roupya Mahotsav' on behalf of Kalopasak. However that idea got washed away in the floods caused by the bursting of the Panshet dam. When things settled down, a search began in earnest for a way to keep the memory of Appasaheb alive forever.
         One day, after the practice session of some play, me (Raja Natu), Mr. Madhav Vaze and our secretary at that time, Late Mr. Marathe, were sitting in an Iranian restaurant opposite the Municipal Corporation. During the talk, we thought, that there should be a window of opportunity for college students to show their artistic skills on stage. The thought was so forceful that we actually finalized the idea then and there. Moreover, we also thought that it would be a befitting memorial to Keshavrao Appasaheb.
         Formerly, when Appasaheb was the secretary of Kalopasak, he used to organize inter school competiotions. But when the Govt. Of Maharashtra started inter-school play competitions Kalopasak stopped organizing its own event. At such a time, if we organize a competition at college level then it would be of great help to the students and organization alike. Plus, we would also be able to find new artists.
         The competiotion would be apt in all aspects, is what we concluded and all was approved. With the aim of achieving these objectives, the prestigious 'Purushottam Karandak' was born!

Currently 'Purushottam Karandak' is in its 51st year!